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Author: Ulf Lonegren

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    Hiring a SaaS Marketing Agency - 14 Things to Evaluate

    Review these 14 key considerations when hiring a marketing agency to help your SaaS business grow.
    18 Minute Read

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    Lead Generation Marketing: 7 Ways You Can Drive More Leads Now

    The top 7 marketing activities (including real examples) to help you start driving more qualified leads right now.
    15 Minute Read

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    Hiring a Content Marketing Agency: 18 Things You Need To Consider

    Review these 18 key considerations when hiring a content marketing agency to help your company scale.
    22 Minute Read

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    7 SaaS Landing Page Secrets Proven to Increase Leads - Roketto

    7 steps to creating high converting landing pages for your SaaS business. From planning, content, special features, layout and more.
    15 Minute Read

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    10 Critical SaaS Marketing Metrics: Step-By-Step [Guide]

    Learn about the top marketing metrics SaaS companies need to track, and how they impact success including lead velocity rate, MRR, Churn, CAC, CLV, and more.
    13 Minute Read

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    Content Marketing Strategy Template | Step-by-Step Planning

    Follow this proven content marketing template to build out your successful content plan. Includes strategies, schedules, templates, worksheets, examples and everything else you need to build your plan right the first time.
    23 Minute Read

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    SaaS Sales: 5 Steps to Fast-Track Growth [Guide]

    5 Ways for SaaS Businesses to generate predictive sales (includes examples from industry leaders).
    18 Minute Read

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    10 Best SaaS Website Design Inspiration (+ Why They’re Great)

    Check out our curated list of the top SaaS web designs and get inspired! Based on simplicity, identity & purpose, defining aesthetics and creative and contextual brilliance.
    15 Minute Read

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    Why Inbound Marketing Is The Future Of Lead Generation

    A step-by-step guide to harnessing the power of inbound marketing to generate more qualified leads. Learn about the most effective strategies, best practices, and expert tips from real success stories.
    19 Minute Read

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    10 Best SaaS Landing Page Design Examples (+ Why They Convert)

    Check out this hand-selected list of the top 10 SaaS landing pages that perfectly combine aesthetics, functionality and psychology into their results based design.
    14 Minute Read

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    The Inbound Marketing Gameplan that Actually Helped Grow Our Business [Guide]

    The ultimate guide to developing an effective inbound marketing gameplan for driving more quality traffic and leads. Learn about the most effective strategies, best practices, and expert tips from real success stories.
    20 Minute Read

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    How to Set Content Marketing Goals for Your Established SaaS

    So, you’ve survived the launch gauntlet. You’ve assembled your teams. You’re live and functioning and ready to scale. But you have one big problem: most of the seemingly good advice on content marketing simply won’t work for you. Why? Because SaaS content marketing is different.
    7 Minute Read

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    Manufacturing Marketing Plan Template

    There is a lot of emphasis on manufacturers to improve plant productivity, meet customer needs and increase sales lead generation. Learn how to create a an easy and effective marketing plan template for your manufacturing business.
    13 Minute Read

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    Should You Create a Value-Added Reseller Business Model?

    An explanation of the various kinds of value added reseller program options and their benefits for SaaS vendors looking to diversity their sales and distribution model.
    18 Minute Read

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    Manufacturing Sales - How to Transition From Outbound to Inbound

    A list of tips for how manufacturing companies can transition their outbound tactics into inbound ones while maintaining the sales produced by their current pipeline in the process.
    5 Minute Read

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    Raising A Lion - 5 Lessons From Dan Tyre’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp

    In just eight weeks, Dan Tyre’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp evolved me from Lion Cub to Lion King. Here’s five lessons that really stuck with me since graduating.
    8 Minute Read

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    SaaS Marketing Essentials - 3 Reasons Why You Need HubSpot

    3 reasons why SaaS startups should be using HubSpot for their inbound marketing initiatives.
    5 Minute Read

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    How Inbound Marketing Helps Close Deals In The SaaS Sales Funnel

    A list of actionable tips for SaaS companies to use inbound marketing techniques to convert leads at the bottom of the sales funnel.
    6 Minute Read

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    SaaS Inbound Marketing Budgets: 3 Key Tips

    If you are constantly hearing about the amazing ROI inbound brings but don’t think you are seeing those returns yourself, it can feel like you are on the outside looking in on that magic that you’re t
    5 Minute Read

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    Top Things That Make Marketing Agencies Cringe

    2017 was full of situations that made us ask ourselves, “when will it end!?” Here are the top things we'll be trying to avoid this year.
    4 Minute Read
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