Keats School

The main challenge Keats School has been facing is the overall growth of their business. While Keats School is already a profitable company with a solid reputation, the slow pace at which annual student registrations (and revenue) are increasing is not meeting their expectations.

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Align Ortho

This Kelowna based Orthodontics clinic was looking to utilize the latest in digital marketing tactics and technology to gain better insights from their data, and sustainably increase their customer base.

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Speedy Search

Canada’s leading public information supplier, providing direct access to land titles, vehicle liens, and corporate searches, was spending thousands per month in Adwords with a weak return. They needed much better ROI for each marketing dollar, and overall profitability of the account.

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The Garage Sale – Luxury Orchard Estate

The Garage Sale is the Canadian leader in luxury home auctions. They approached Roketto to manage digital marketing for the consignment of an incredible, one-of-a-kind Okanagan orchard estate.

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We’re very busy at Rubikloud. We need exceptional suppliers like Roketto that can work with our requirements and deliver not just exceptional work but their expertise and advice to make our work even better. They’re on-time, on-budget and great to work with and always there when we need them.

– Neil Laing / VP of UX / Rubikloud