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How B2B SEO Agencies Help Foster Organic Growth

Ulf Lonegren

How B2B SEO Agencies Help Foster Organic Growth


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Want to double, triple, or boost your website traffic? I bet your answer is a resounding yes.

But what about your strategy from, let’s say, 5000 visitors to 100,000? Is it paid ads? Social media? Influencer marketing? Or is it organic search engine optimization (SEO)? And do you tackle this in-house, or have you considered hiring B2B SEO agencies?

Think of a website’s organic growth as your overseas dream vacation destination. And the paid ads, content, and social media marketing as a plane, SUV, or cruise ship to be the means of transport.

Let’s say this is your first time traveling. Where do you go, and what are you going to do when you get there? Typically, people will reach out to a travel agency to help them coordinate their entire trip from start to finish.

It’s the same with a B2B SEO agency: they can help you plan your inbound marketing strategy from the start to meet your goals, whether it’s more leads or more organic traffic, or both.

Finding yourself on the first page of Google’s search results among a sea of competitors isn’t a magic trick.

It is a result of loads of activities, from content marketing and strategy to acquiring links from authority sites to improve your website’s credibility.

And these activities are part of a B2B SEO agency’s services. But to give a clearer picture, we guide you on what a B2B SEO agency is and what their typical services entail.

We also examine their prices and tell you how such an agency can help you with your organic growth needs.

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What is a B2B SEO Agency?

B2B SEO agencies provide content creation and strategies as services to other businesses that want to gain more traffic to their sites.B2B SEO agencies can also help B2B businesses create effective online marketing strategies and campaigns focusing on results.

Ultimately, B2B SEO agencies can help B2B businesses to increase their visibility and reach more potential customers.

Some of the organic content services B2B SEO agencies offer include:



On-page optimization

Involves ensuring your website has great content, is fast, and technical SEO like meta titles and descriptions are optimized.

Off-page optimization

Off-page optimization involves link-building, digital advertising, guest blogging, and more to help build a strong backlink profile to boost your rankings in search results.

Keyword strategy

B2B SEO agencies use their expertise to uncover the best keywords your business should focus on for inbound marketing efforts

Developing SEO goals

B2B SEO agencies will assess your website and create achievable objectives to track the success of your B2B SEO campaign.

Competitor analysis

Understanding a competitor’s potential content strategies helps a B2B agency determine baselines for what should be included in an organization’s content marketing strategy.

Website support

B2B SEO agencies provide routine maintenance and promptly resolve any glitches on your website, so you can rest assured that everything stays in working order.

Content optimization

B2B SEO agencies ensure that your content is up-to-date and optimized for the latest trends.

Reporting & analytics

B2B SEO agencies should provide you with regular reports to track the progress of your website’s organic search rankings and performance. They will also analyze data from your website to help you make informed decisions.

B2B SEO Trends

B2B SEO trends

One of the largest search engines, Google keeps updating its search algorithm guidelines, and sometimes the changes happen unannounced. This doesn’t mean that you have to constantly worry about what changes Google is making, but it does mean that you must ensure that your website is always accurate and up-to-date and effectively meets your target audience’s search intent.

Keeping tabs on the current B2B SEO trends can help you ensure that your website is giving what your audience and Google need to keep your website popping up in search results.

1. The Page Experience Update

Google’s algorithm understands that a user-friendly website is more popular than one that isn’t. Obviously, people spend more time on user-friendly sites and tend to visit them more than ones that are difficult to navigate.

If you’re marketing a B2B business, especially a B2B SaaS business, your website is your bread and butter. If it’s terrible to navigate and doesn’t give users the information they need, you won’t win those conversions and rank high on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Over the years, Google has honed its search algorithm with various updates so the pages that prioritize ease of use rank higher than those that don’t. ,

Some of the updates Google has rolled out include:

  • HTTPS: Many visitors now understand that HTTPS provides security, and they're more likely to trust your website if it uses HTTPS.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Websites that prioritize mobile experience rank higher than those that do not.
  • The core web vitals update: It includes a site’s loading speed, stability, and interactivity.
  • Helpful content update: Google's helpful content update helps surface quality webpages that contain more comprehensive content so people can get the most out of their search experience.

All these are substantial ranking-affecting factors, and B2B SEO agencies must help their clients adopt and implement them.

Nowadays, B2B buyers make most of their purchase decisions after thorough research. Therefore, if your site is slow, not mobile-friendly, and does not offer detailed and valuable content, expect to lose your rankings. Couple that with high bounce rates, and your business will be staring at its deathbed. Hence, keeping up with this first trend is very important.

2. The End of Third-Party Cookies

Ever been tracked online by a website you didn't even visit? That's third-party cookies. These minuscule bits of data are stored on your browser and can be used to track and target ads, giving companies the ability to gather insights regarding how users browse the web from various sites.

However, many web browsers, including Google and Mozilla have announced plans to phase out support for third-party cookies in the near future. This is due to concerns over user privacy and data security.

Without these cookies, it will be more difficult to track user behaviour and target ads effectively.

As a result, B2B businesses may need to shift their focus towards other SEO strategies, such as creating high-quality content, optimizing their website for search engines, and building strong relationships with their target audience.

To prepare for the end of third-party cookies, B2B businesses can start by gathering as much first-party data as possible. This includes data that is collected directly from users, such as email addresses, website behaviour, and purchase history.

By building a strong database of first-party data, businesses can continue to target their audience effectively even after third-party cookies are no longer available.

Additionally, businesses can invest in alternative forms of advertising, such as contextual advertising and social media marketing, which do not rely on third-party cookies to function effectively.

3. Ignore E-E-A-T and YMYL At Your Own Peril

E-E-A-T, the abbreviation for Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, is a crucial trend on which B2B businesses must focus.

Think of it this way. In our typical day-to-day life, most of the information sources are misleading. And despite individuals needing easy-to-consume data, they need it to be factual, credible, and reliable. And that is what search engines need and look out for too.

Thus, B2B businesses must incorporate E-E-A-T strategies for their organic website growth, such as:

  • Publishing clear terms and conditions and privacy policies
  • Linking to high-quality sources when citing data
  • Incorporating trust signals such as certifications, HTTPS, and accreditations.

On the other hand, the YMYL websites, which stand for “Your Money Your Life,” have a far-reaching effect on the reader’s health, money, happiness, and safety.

Ideally, if you are a B2B business touching on the YMYL space, you need a higher standard of content to increase your rankings and visibility. Another good reason to hire a B2B SEO agency.

Types of B2B SEO Services

Types of B2B SEO services

Want to take your business online or power your online presence? A B2B SEO consultant is the specialist you need.

Here is a glance at B2B SEO consultant’s core services.

1. Web Design and Development

These are B2B SEO agency experts who create and develop websites across various CMS platforms. These agencies help B2B firms actualize and implement their website projects.

This B2B SEO service is customizable to deliver websites that match client goals and preferences and drive traffic.

2. SEO Consulting Services

A B2B SEO company will look at your marketing initiatives in a holistic way and determine if each initiative is helping your organization meet its business goals.

For instance, digital advertising should support organic content marketing and vice versa. PPC advertising (those ad results that appear on the Google SERP) can point to organic content that’s focused on converting, for example.

In other words, the SEO services provided will vary depending on your B2B business and goals. Still, some important SEO consulting services you can receive from a B2B company include:

B2B SEO Service


SEO Audit

  • This service entails a keen and deep look at your website to determine SEO opportunities, fine-tuning, and strategies.
  • An audit covers on-page and off-page optimization, fixing 404s, and writing meta descriptions and title tags.

Competitor SEO Analysis

  • To stand out, a B2B SEO company will analyze your competitors to establish what they are doing and are not doing.
  • With this information, you can leverage it and develop a strategy that makes you outcompete and outrank them.

SEO Monthly Reporting

  • B2B SEO services can also generate monthly reports to outline your hits and misses and where to improve.

Keyword Research and Planning

  • Keyword research and planning can help you understand the best keywords to target for increased organic growth.

3. Content Writing, Creation, Strategy, and Marketing

Content marketing is a powerful approach that involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a target audience.

Imagine you're a startup that sells organic skincare products. Your target audience is environmentally-conscious individuals who care about their health and the planet. Your inbound content marketing strategy might include blog posts, social media updates, and video tutorials providing valuable information about organic skincare, environmental issues, and healthy living.

One of your blog posts might be about the benefits of using organic skincare products. You could explain how traditional skincare products contain harmful chemicals that can damage the skin and the environment.

You could then provide information about the benefits of organic skincare, such as how it's better for your health and how it can help reduce your carbon footprint.

By providing this valuable information, you're building trust with your potential customers and positioning yourself as an authority in the organic skincare space.

Additionally, a B2B SEO agency can help you market it across your social channel, which can help drive traffic to your site.

Benefits of B2B SEO Service

Benefits of B2B SEO service

Hiring B2B SEO companies can guarantee many benefits. SEO can be technical, but having a top B2B SEO company handle it eases and makes things roll out nicely.

1. Boosting Your Search Rankings

The number one goal of creating a B2B business website is to make your services and products known outside your brick-and-mortar business (if you run one) or the corners of traditional marketing.

A B2B SEO agency can help you develop an SEO strategy that will see you target the right keywords and climb up the search ladder. They start by conducting extensive keyword research to identify your business's most relevant keywords and phrases.

Additionally, the agency can optimize your website, including on-page and off-page SEO techniques, to improve its search engine visibility. By creating quality content, building backlinks, and analyzing the performance of your website, they can drive organic traffic and increase your chances of ranking higher on search engine results pages.

An effective SEO strategy allows your business to enjoy increased online visibility, brand awareness, and lead generation.

2. Website Improvement

Improving a website would involve a comprehensive approach that considers various aspects such as user experience, search engine optimization, lead generation, and content marketing.

In terms of navigation, a B2B agency would typically assess the website's structure, hierarchy, and ease of use to identify any pain points and optimize the navigation to enhance user experience.

For instance, the agency may conduct user testing to understand how visitors navigate the site and identify areas of confusion or frustration. Based on this insight, the agency may recommend changes such as simplifying the menu structure, improving labelling and categorization, and creating clearer calls to action.

And when it comes to responsiveness, studies show that over 40% of users will abandon a site if they can't find what they're looking for within the first few seconds.

Additionally, if users find the navigation confusing or frustrating, they are likely to leave the site and never return. Therefore, improving site speed and navigation can enhance user experience and reduce bounce rates, increase engagement, and ultimately drive conversions.

3. Time-Saving

Running a B2B business is satisfying but eats into your free time. And as it is said, time is money. Every second and minute can be your business’s stumbling or building block, depending on how you use it.

So, why not hire a B2B SEO agency to run the digital marketing as you concentrate on other management activities?

And even if you have an in-house team, they can work together with an SEO agency and achieve stellar results.

4. Keeps Up With the Changing B2B SEO Trends

Ever heard of the reality show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians? Of course, you have!

Well, that’s how a B2B SEO company helps. It keeps you abreast of all the B2B SEO changes, their impact, and what you must do for adjustment purposes.

For example, the Panda update released by Google in 2011 illustrates why keeping up with algorithm updates is vital. The update aimed to reduce low-quality sites' ranking in search results and improve user experience. Websites with duplicate content, thin content, and high ad-to-content ratios were heavily penalized.

As a result of the Panda update, B2B businesses that were still using outdated SEO tactics, such as keyword stuffing and low-quality content, suffered significant ranking drops. However, businesses that had embraced quality content, ethical link-building, and improved user experience reaped the benefits of the update.

Similarly, other algorithm updates such as Penguin, Hummingbird, and RankBrain have significantly impacted B2B SEO trends, requiring businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest optimization techniques to remain competitive. By partnering with a B2B SEO services provider, businesses can ensure that their SEO strategies align with the latest trends and algorithm updates, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and outperform their competition.

5. It Is Money-Saving and Efficient

From a casual look, having an SEO team in the marketing department might seem like the best decision.

But don't let the cost of SEO agencies make you wary - it may actually be more affordable than sustaining an in-house team! By measuring the ROI against B2B SEO service pricing, you'll discover that their costs are a minimal investment for your business.

With access to dedicated resources and tools from these professionals, your company will reap immense rewards without having to bear huge expenses.

3 Things to Look for in B2B SEO Consultants

B2B SEO consultants

Here are some essential factors you can use to determine which B2B SEO agency to choose:

1. Determine Whether the B2B SEO Agency Understands Your Goals

When it comes to choosing an SEO agency, asking the right questions can make all the difference. The right questions can reveal the agency's expertise, intent, and stability and help you determine if they fit your B2B business.

Here are some examples of hard-hitting questions that B2B companies could ask an SEO agency:

  • How do you stay up to date with the latest search engine algorithm updates?
  • Can you provide case studies or references of past clients in the B2B industry?
  • How do you measure success for B2B clients, and what metrics do you focus on?
  • How do you incorporate content marketing into your SEO strategy for B2B clients?
  • Can you provide an overview of your link-building strategy and how you ensure the links are high-quality and relevant?
  • How do you approach keyword research for B2B businesses and prioritize keywords for different stages of the buyer's journey?
  • How do you work with clients to ensure their SEO strategy aligns with their overall marketing goals?
  • What is your communication process like, and how often can we expect to hear from you about our SEO progress?
  • How do you stay transparent about your SEO work, and what reporting and analytics tools do you use?

Asking these kinds of questions will help you assess an SEO agency's expertise, understand how they work with B2B businesses, and ultimately determine if they're the right partner for your goals.

2. Seek and Read Reviews

If you're in the market for a B2B SEO company, one of the easiest ways to narrow down your options is by checking out reviews. Google is an obvious place to start, but other sources can provide valuable insights.

For example, UpCity, HubSpot, and are all great resources for finding trustworthy reviews from other businesses. It's important to read a range of reviews to understand each company's strengths and weaknesses.

So, before you make any decisions, take some time to do your research and read what others have to say. It could save you a lot of time, money, and frustration in the long run.

3. Check the Quality of Communications

In any business transaction, communication is critical. Website organic growth takes months to show results, depending on your strategy and niche.

In such cases, you must enter into long-term contracts, and you would not want a B2B SEO consultant who is a poor communicator.

Though it may be hard to pinpoint communication efficacy at the initial stage, the agency's level of receptiveness should be an indicator. If they're only sending emails and don't appear willing to offer a direct line, this could raise some alarm bells.

But if you opt to go with them, get clear guidelines on the frequency of communication, how, and when contact should be made.

B2B SEO Service Pricing

Because every SEO plan and project scope are different, there isn't a single B2B SEO service pricing system that fits all businesses. Each B2B SEO provider charges based on the complexity of its services.

The price will also vary based on whether it is a monthly, on-time, or hourly project. The average B2B SEO service pricing can range from $1,500 to $25,000+ per month, while one-time projects cost between $5000 and $30,000 depending on the agency, your business size, and your needs.

Top B2B SEO Companies

The world of B2B SEO companies can be termed saturated. But from among the sea of companies, here are the firms we consider the pack leaders.

Roketto (That’s us)

Established in 2009, Roketto is a reliable and experienced inbound marketing and website design agency passionate about helping brands excel and succeed.

Our rocket symbol represents our ability to propel the growth of B2B businesses through content-led SEO and full-funnel inbound marketing.

From educating rather than shouting, more interaction with the audience, to valuable content rather than the biggest budget, we are the go-to B2B SEO agency for all your content marketing needs.

All our services were built to help you attain a specific goal as highlighted below:



Inbound marketing

We created tailored full-funnel marketing strategies to attract, convert, close and delight customers. We create, deliver, and market killer content that will help your business attract prospects and convert them into active clients.

Website design

Our goal is to provide a great user experience site that will become your visitor’s one-stop shop for all your services.

Digital Marketing

Our campaigns capture your audience from the start of their service search to the purchase, thus helping you increase your sales.


We are a certified HubSpot marketing agency, and we help you maximize and automate your inbound marketing strategies.



Bright is a London-based marketing agency considered a pioneer of agile marketing. However, its services have a global reach and aim to help marketers use their tools, technology, and data better.

Bright’s services include;

  • Agile marketing training
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing transformation

Some of its recognizable achievements include;

  • 800% lead increase for IMGROUP
  • Helping Claremont increase its lead generation by 40%
  • Helping Zapnito raise £125,000 investment in six weeks

Volume Nine

Volume Nine is a full-time digital marketing agency working across various industries but with B2B SEO services at its core.

Other services it offers include;

  • Social media services
  • Content creation and marketing
  • SEO services

The agency boasts top-tier clients across industries ranging from outdoor brands, health and fitness, travel, and tourism to B2B brands such as Blentech Corporation.

Despite the widespread sectors they work with, they are sure to mark their presence with impeccable results, as illustrated by their success stories.

So, What Next?

Undoubtedly, scaling your website's organic growth needs a budget, skills, strategy, and a B2B SEO consultant or agency who will blend them into a nice smoothie for your site’s feeding.

This means laying your hands on the best SEO agency that will sync with you in all aspects but still critique and offer valuable advice for better results.

Roketto is an experienced and hands-on B2B SEO agency ticking all the checklists you need in one. But as it is said, the pudding is in the eating. So, why remain fixated and nibbling on pale and dry crumbs from an agency that does not deliver results?

Contact us today, and we will power your business to its organic traffic growth trajectory.

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