Speedy Search

Speedy Search

Canada’s leading public information supplier, providing direct access to land titles, vehicle liens, and corporate searches, was spending thousands per month in Adwords with a weak return. They needed much better ROI for each marketing dollar, and overall profitability of the account.


Remarketing Lists For Search Ads

After reviewing the account, Roketto identified that returning visitors were much more profitable than first time visitors, yet most of the budget was going towards driving those initial visits. A custom audience list was created in Google Analytics, and used to drive a remarketing campaign in Adwords, which had a much lower cost-per-click (CPC) than the search campaign driving first time visitors.


Bidding Tactics To Maximize Profits

An advanced bidding strategy was developed to lower the cost for the first point of entry clicks, as paying top dollar for them wasn’t the best use of budget. Giving the top spending keywords softer bids prevented them from competing for that #1 ad position, and freed up a large portion of the budget that could be reallocated towards the RLSA, where the real profit was.



Custom reports were created to clearly measure Ad spend against revenue (e-commerce data imported from website analytics).


This Was A Significant Increase In Profits

The results were immediate, hitting significant KPI’s within the first 2 weeks.

And while this type of improvement can’t always be achieved in such a short amount of time, if there is an opportunity it will not go unnoticed.


Cost Per Order


Conversion Value


Return On Ad Spend


Fantastic, professional team to work with. Would highly recommend Chris and Ulf at Roketto!

– Matt Dober / Partner / Speedy Search

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