An established brand and industry leader for animal health supplements, Integricare has been a thriving business at the top of their industry for over 20 years. Now, at a crossroads, they were seeking a way to modernize their organization and get their much-loved product in front of new customers and into new markets.


Lacking Organic Growth

Integricare came to Roketto with the hopes of thrusting their business forward into a new era. Working together, we identified three core challenges Integricare was facing:

  1. Minimal keyword rankings resulting in lack of organic exposure
  2. Insufficient traffic to their website
  3. Desire to scale ecommerce sales and grow the business

HyperContent: An SEO-Driven Content Strategy

We knew with certainty that our core content marketing service, HyperContent, was going to be the answer to increasing traffic, and would be a long-term solution for the sustainable growth they desired.

Despite working with a limited budget initially, we were mutually determined to drive results. That meant instead of creating and publishing a standard eight articles per month — our ideal cadence to see results — Integricare had to start with just two monthly articles.

Results Metric #1

Organic Traffic

Prior to beginning their content marketing journey, Integricare’s organic traffic was suffering. They were seeing only about 1000 organic sessions per month prior to the full implementation of their content strategy. We began implementing well-researched, keyword-rich content that aligned with the needs (and searches) of their customers. These posts focused on key elements of Roketto’s best practices for exceptional HyperContent. After just two years of implementing this strategy, organic traffic ballooned to an average of 9000+ sessions per month, an 800+% increase in monthly organic traffic.

Results Metric #2

Organic Keywords

In January of 2020, Integricare had 438 organic keywords ranking in the top 100 positions. While that number is nothing to complain about for many businesses, Integricare was driven to increase their organic traffic and sales through their website, and that wasn’t going to happening without first gaining more organic keyword rankings. By December 31st 2021, two years into Integricare’s content strategy, organic keyword rankings totalled 7727 reflecting a 1664% increase. The continued rankings and increases in keyword positions paint a promising picture for the resulting organic traffic growth that is sure to come in the future months and years.

Results Metric #3

Organic Revenue Growth

With the growth in organic traffic coming to their website, Integricare grew their organic revenue, too. The increases in organic traffic every month helped lift organic revenue by 78% on a year over year basis (2021 over 2020). This not only encouraged the Integricare team that HyperContent was working, but that it was a strategy worth investing in further, and decided to increase their publishing velocity going into 2022.

Results Summary

Time To Raise The Bar

With such incredible success, it's time for us to reach for new heights. Integricare caters to a large market and there is still a ton of search opportunities to go after. We've received full support from the Integricare team to increase our publishing frequency and push for organic growth harder than ever before. The future is indeed looking bright 🌞


Increase In Monthly Organic Traffic


Increase In Organic Keywords Ranked In Top 100 Positions


Increase In Organic Revenue, Year-Over-Year

The entire Roketto team is great to work with. They are professional and capable and have taken a genuine interest in the success of our business. We continue to see results and are happy with the work they are doing!

– Colin Brooks, CEO

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