Hyper Hippo Productions


Hyper Hippo Productions is an entertainment company with its roots planted in video game development and publishing. A proud member of Canada’s Creative Industry, Hyper Hippo Productions has partnered with some of the best minds in the video games industry around the world.

Hyper Hippo Productions
Hyper Hippo Productions


  • Technical planning
  • Custom web design
  • WordPress development
  • Custom job board & application system
Hyper Hippo Productions
Hyper Hippo Productions
Hyper Hippo Productions


Hyper Hippo Productions’ website provided us with the unique challenge of creating a design that mixed the fun and energetic personality of the HHP brand with the corporate professionalism that also plays a role in their business.

The team also needed the ability to create and manage a job board, which had a number of specifics to consider. The result was a custom system that accomplished all their needs, while ensuring it was easy for their team to utilize.

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Hyper Hippo Productions
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