Our Approach to SEO

We stay away from spammy practices and cheap tactics. Far, far away.

From keyword research, to technical on-page optimization, to effective content strategies, our focus is on building the right plan for your business to succeed. Our SEO marketing services position your company in the areas you need to show up online, so that your prospects can find and view you as an industry leader they want to do business with.

What You’ll Get Working With Roketto

Account Manager

Account Manager

Your account manager is an experienced SEO professional who steers the ship and is responsible for your success. They’re your go-to contact at Roketto.

Marketing Strategist

Marketing Strategist

Our certified inbound marketing experts develop strategic SEO plans and work with you on key initiatives to boost your online exposure and increase organic traffic.

Implementation Team

Implementation Team

Our team of skilled web developers and designers take care of all your digital needs. This includes technical SEO optimizations, analytics, ad creative and anything else you might need.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking

We don’t believe in partial goal tracking. Identify the most profitable marketing channels and search queries that make your phone ring.

Monthly SEO Reports

Monthly SEO Reports

Monthly reporting on all of your favourite KPI’s and engagement metrics to help you make key decisions and monitor growth.

Quarterly Reviews

Quarterly Reviews

Quarterly analysis of organic growth and impacts of SEO campaign efforts. This is where we celebrate wins and strategize for future success.

Hubspot Certified Agency

Inbound Marketing Certified Experts

HubSpot recognizes Roketto as being an expert SEO agency, utilizing an inbound marketing approach to ensure each project is a win.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This, of course, depends on what your current situation looks like, but all of our SEO engagements come with an onboarding phase, which we always aim to complete within 1 month. This is where our technical and marketing teams power up to make sure we have a deep understanding of your business and your customers and ensure that all of the tools and building blocks are in place and ready to go. This includes technical SEO optimization, keyword research, analytics configuration, reporting setup and customization, and anything else that might need doing.

This is also where our strategists will immerse themselves in content research and building a customized SEO plan. We’ll perform a content audit, blog topic research and ideation, create an editorial calendar, and more.

By the end of onboarding, our team will be a tight-knit extension of your company, and the technical setup will be ready to rock.

This really depends on your current situation, but a minimum onboarding cost starts at $2,500.

Understand that SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. To experience the full impact that it can provide, you must give it the time that is needed. There are many factors that will impact the length of time it takes to grow your traffic, including your current domain authority, website content and structure and competition.

There are several victories to celebrate along the way, and by setting SMART goals we’ll be able to measure strong signs of growth.

One thing to know about Roketto is that we love numbers. Marketing is a data driven industry, so expect to see numbered results during critical benchmarks.

Roketto will monitor all of the KPI’s we identify throughout the inbound journey. Typically this means lead generation, website visitors, conversion rates and new customers. We will review your campaign quarterly with you, so that you're always clear on the numbers.

The short answer is to start by scheduling your no obligation discovery call.

Roketto works with companies who are serious about growth, and understand that long term success doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll need to be patient, and willing to invest a minimum of $5,000/mo into a SEO marketing retainer so we can do the work required to achieve real results.

If you’re considering cheap, automated SEO services, we can’t help you and wish you the best of luck.

A main component of our onboarding process is for our strategists to immerse themselves into your business. However, for some industry specialized topics, we may require more assistance from you.

Nope! We’re very clear from day one that it takes time to see results with SEO, which is why we work with our clients on a 12-month basis. However, we understand things change, and won’t hold you hostage to a lengthy contract. If you need to leave, we’ll respect that, though we do ask for a proper heads-up.

"Roketto’s efforts have yielded exceptional results in the realms of site traffic, SEO, and email sign-ups. The team is responsive, professional, and adapt their contributions to fit present needs."

Jordan Bondar Jordan Bondar GM & Owner / Bondars Furniture

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