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Leveraging CRM Integration

Chris Onyett

Leveraging CRM Integration


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Table of Contents

Meet & Sell Your Real Customers

You have a slick website. You have a CRM platform. Right now, the two aren’t talking. In fact, they don’t even know the other is alive. What if they were on the same team? What if they worked together to share data, track leads and nurture customers? If they did, it would change the insights and processes you use to ultimately improve sales. And we would call it CRM integration.

What is CRM integration?

Many small and medium-sized businesses employ some kind of customer relationship management (CRM) platform, but a lot of times it’s only used to manually record customer information, i.e. names, email addresses and phone numbers. In that way, your CRM is one-dimensional and single-minded, much like a spreadsheet. But there have always been bigger plans for CRM. When it’s integrated with your website, your CRM kind of comes to life—website activity is pumped into its system directly so you have access to valuable and dynamic customer information—far beyond just knowing a customer’s name.

How to Get More From Your CRM

Here’s a snapshot of CRM integration in action:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Let’s pretend you own a painting company.

  1. Mrs. Homeowner clicks on your online ad and arrives at your website.
  2. She calls the phone number at the top of the home page.
  3. In the meantime, your website is communicating with your CRM, marketing campaigns, and other integrated applications: Mrs. Homeowner is a new lead, she lives in Kelowna, she called us on this date, we talked for x minutes, she clicked on y ad, after searching for z keyword, and now we’re going to make a note to follow up on a specified date. And based on all that, we’re going give her a lead grade (A, B, or C) on a scale of how likely she is to become a customer.

All of that from one website visit and a phone call. Imagine what that could do to your sales cycle and productivity.And that’s really just the beginning. When CRM integration and marketing automation are paired up, you have a chance to do the online equivalent of holding a customer’s hand until they make it to the till. Remind potential customers you’re around with emails and remarketing ads. Put the items they like on sale for them. Thank them for being a customer and then draw them back to your store, time and again. While all of that is going on, you’ve got even more customer behaviour insights to use to gauge how successful certain campaigns are so you can constantly be optimizing and improving.Then, sit back and watch your automated marketing campaigns’ performance shoot through the roof.

Main benefits of CRM integration

CRM Integration + Marketing Automation

  • Seamless, living partnership - Together, your website and your CRM are much more active and powerful, communicating together to tell you not just who, but how.
  • Specific insights - Find out not just her name, but her shoe size, heel height preference, leather colours she likes best, and more, in addition to always knowing the last time she visited your site and how she got there, so you can best determine the next way to show up on her screen through automated marketing.
  • Sales - Shorter sales cycles. More sales.

What sales targets would you set if you had a secret website-CRM sales sidekick on your team?Are you considering putting your CRM to work? We specialize in CRM integration that delivers powerful results to help grow your business. Get in touch!

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Chris Onyett

Chris Onyett

Chris is one of the managing partners at Roketto. His area of expertise is digital marketing and loves sharing and educating on topics like Google Ads, CPC bidding tactics, Google Analytics, and marketing automation. When Chris isn't in the office, he enjoys playing volleyball, mountain biking, and hiking with his American Eskimo.