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Kick Start Your Business Blog With Social Media

Roketto Team

Kick Start Your Business Blog With Social Media


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Table of Contents

For the month of March we will be serving up a fresh blog post each Monday for our mini-series titled: Kick Start Your Business Blog with Social Media. An in-depth look into the best tools and platforms to utilize in order to market and gain more traffic to your blog posts. So stay tuned this month for some hot tips on effective blog marketing and how to gain a larger blog audience!


Who We Are

Roketto is a web design and digital marketing agency focused on helping companies that are serious about their business strengthen their brand and connect with their audience in meaningful ways. We want to see you succeed - and blogging is an important stepping stone on your business's path to success.

Why We Wrote This

Having a business blog is a great way to convey your expertise to your readers and showcase your skills with helpful tips and tricks. If your audience looks to you as a thought leader in the industry, they will be more likely to trust you with buying decisions in the future. A business blog is also a great way to direct traffic to your website from both search engines and your social media accounts. Instead of writing blog posts and having them sit on your site with the occasional reader - we want to emphasize the importance of effectively marketing your blog’s content via social media.

Social Media Business Blog Marketing

Who This Series is For

In this blog series you will discover the best ways to drive traffic to your existing (and future) posts, as well as keep readers captivated with your content.

Are you ready to start a blog but don’t know how to get your content out there to a wider audience? Do you have an existing blog and want to attract more readers and followers? Are you ready to learn how to use social media for business? Then this is for you! In this blog series, you will discover the best ways to drive traffic to your existing (and future) posts, as well as keep readers captivated with your content.

What Is to Come

1. 3 key social media sharing tips for business marketing

Publish Date: March 6th, 2017

social-sharing-smThe first installment of our blog series will cover sharing your blog posts on social media networks. One of the best traffic sources for a blog is your existing followers. They follow you because they are interested in what you are sharing - so it is important to utilize that and direct your social media followers to your blog. We will do an overview of the most useful social media networks to utilize in order to best market your blog as well as take a look at the many ways sharing content can work for you. Come back next Monday to read the first installment.

2. 3 tips to increase social media posts 

Publish Date: March 13th, 2017

complementary-strategiesThe second installment in the series will include complementary methods and tips for sharing content on your social media networks. There is much more to promoting your blog than simply publishing your new blog post and posting once about it on your social media accounts - we will outline additional sharing tactics that will help posts gain more traction.

3. 10 social media promotion strategies to follow 

Publish Date: March 20th, 2017

promoting-by-networkThe third installment of our blog marketing series goes more in-depth into sharing posts on your social media networks. We will give a detailed outline of how to utilize each of the main social media networks and the best methods and tools on each network to gain more traffic to your blog.

4. Paid social media advertising for dummies 

Publish Date: March 27th, 2017

sm-paid-advertisingThe last installment of our blog series will focus on paid advertising on a number of popular social media networks. Utilizing paid advertising on social networks is an often overlooked tactic for marketing blog posts - however, it is an important tactic that should be taken advantage of in order to give your blog that initial boost in traffic. We will give a brief overview of effective paid options for each of the selected social media networks.

Our blog marketing series will be running throughout the month of March, so check back each Monday for a new installment and more tips for marketing your blog via social media. Reach out to us on social media to join in on the conversation!

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Roketto Team

Roketto Team

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