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HubSpot Agency Software  - Make Your Business Take Off

Chris Onyett

HubSpot Agency Software  - Make Your Business Take Off


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If you’re familiar with inbound marketing, chances are, you’ve heard of HubSpot. It’s one of the biggest leaders in inbound marketing. We’re thrilled to be a HubSpot agency partner and have seen great benefits and results for ourselves and our clients since becoming a partner in the spring of 2017.

Since becoming a HubSpot certified inbound marketing agency we’ve developed a better focus for our business, and have defined who our ideal customers are and the best process for delivering our work to them.

Some partners may get their HubSpot partner certification and not do anything with it. However, we did. We’ve adopted inbound methodology for ourselves and our clients and we haven’t looked back since.

Below are a few benefits we love as a HubSpot partner agency and why you’ll want these benefits too.

Learn About the Top Marketing Strategies in 2017

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The HubSpot Software

Hubspot inbound marketing partner

If you really want your inbound marketing efforts to take off, we recommend the HubSpot Software. It’s comprehensive, feature rich, and allows for integration between sales and marketing teams.

Also, because the software has been around since 2006, it has had time to be developed and made user-friendly. New features and resources are constantly being released, and HubSpot is continuously growing to keep up with the fast-paced world of marketing and sales.

All the features available in the HubSpot software may be a bit overwhelming at first. However, users have access to quick assistance from both HubSpot, and their HubSpot certified partner. From personal experience, we know HubSpot employees are quick to respond and will provide action-oriented answers.

Some businesses may be skeptical of using HubSpot because of the hefty price tag attached to it. We were!

But after adopting and integrating HubSpot into our business, we’ve discovered we can’t afford not to use it.

Because of this, we have no hesitancy in recommending it to our inbound clients.

Take Stellar Recruitment for example. Before becoming a HubSpot company, they had no formal marketing-driven lead generation process or a platform that would help attract, nurture and convert leads across the different digital channels.

Ekaterina Mukovnikova, Digital Marketing Coordinator for Stellar Recruitment, says that once they realized HubSpot was the answer, using the software was an easy transition.

The onboarding was really amazing, just so responsive and really contributed to our success. The ongoing service has also been great, we have monthly catch-ups with our customer success manager and go through all of our goals and opportunities.



Reports Dashboard - Chart Your Course

hubspot inbound marketing agency

As a professional, you know it’s important to report on almost everything you do. The HubSpot Reports Dashboard enables you to do this easily and quickly. Depending on whether you have the marketing and/or sales software from HubSpot, you will have access to the corresponding report dashboards.

inbound marketing specialist hubspot

The reports enable you to track your company’s progress and important metrics, all from a single screen. For instance, you can generate your typical reports, but segment them by your persona type in order to find more detailed information about what your buyer persona likes, and how they’re using your site. You can also generate reports that tell you which sources and content are driving your marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

Creating these customized reports will help you stay accountable for your inbound marketing efforts, and help you set a course for success.



Lead Management - Ready for Take Off

Hubspot agency partner

HubSpot’s marketing software also allows you to keep track of your leads. You can see every detail about a lead in one timeline. This also helps get your sales team involved.

The contact database in HubSpot integrates seamlessly with virtually any CRM system so your sales and marketing teams can communicate effectively. This could change the course of your sales process by allowing both your sales and marketing teams to see exactly where each lead is in their purchasing journey.

The contact database also allows you to segment and nurture your leads. These highly targeted segments allow you to send valuable and relevant content to them. It also allows you to automatically score and prioritize leads for sales.

Since adopting an inbound marketing strategy and becoming a HubSpot company, Stellar Recruitment has seen a lead increase of 5037% in 6 months and their marketing lead qualification has grown 80%. Just like us, Stellar Recruitment has seen first hand the success of HubSpot and doesn’t ever plan to leave HubSpot behind.

HubSpot’s marketing software is sure to increase your lead generation and help you keep track of these leads, helping you lift off and fly you to your goals faster.



HubSpot Content Automation is like Autopilot

Hubspot certified partner

Chances are, you know creating great content is necessary for an effective inbound strategy. However, do you find even with great content, you’re struggling to rank high in Google for your target keywords? Maybe you’re unsure of the next steps after doing your keyword research. Or, maybe you’re finding it difficult measuring the ROI of the content you create. With the help of HubSpot and your certified agency partner, you can make your great content really soar.

The HubSpot software offers automation to help you stay aware of your content strategy at all times. Being aware of your content strategy helps to keep the reputation, tone and personality of your brand the same online and offline. You can monitor the content calendar, and stay in the loop with the exact days and time content will go live. Once you’ve scheduled your posts, it’s like putting your content strategy on autopilot.

This also means scheduling all your social media posts and articles through one platform. So, instead of going into Hootsuite, Facebook Business Manager and so on, you can do it all from the “social publishing” screen on HubSpot.

Not only has Stellar Recruitment seen success in the HubSpot software, but Ekaterina says they use the automation system to automate all their marketing processes. This helps their marketing team and their sales team.

Your HubSpot marketing agency should also be able to help you take your content to a new level. Between the software’s automation and support from your HubSpot inbound marketing agency, your content strategy should be ready for lift-off.



Coming in for a Successful Landing

Hubspot agency

HubSpot’s software, service and training are great. There’s no doubt for anyone who has given it a shot. Choosing a HubSpot agency partner will also provide you with the guidance and support you need to grow and succeed with your business. If you still need some convincing, call us today. We provide HubSpot consulting services, and would  be happy to chat about how this software has changed our business and how it could change yours too!


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