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Western Canada’s oldest craft distillery, dating back to 2004.

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Okanagan Spirits is an award winning (and Western Canada’s oldest) craft distillery, located in Kelowna and Vernon, BC. The distillery boasts 100% locally grown fruits and grains to make premium, world-class spirits, whisky, gin, vodka and more.

Okanagan Spirits - Roketto Web Design Portfolio
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  • Technical planning
  • Custom web design
  • WordPress development
  • New e-commerce system
  • Custom Inventory management
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The new Okanagan Spirits website boasts a ton of cool features such as a new e-commerce system, a custom recipes and cocktails section, advanced shipping functionality, and Facebook event integration.

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We really appreciated Roketto’s clear communication. They’re a genuinely positive team to work with.

– Shereen Abbas, Manager, Okanagan Spirits