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Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers - 4 Areas to Focus On

Roketto Team

Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers - 4 Areas to Focus On


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Table of Contents

You know you need a marketing strategy to bring in future customers. But, where do you begin?

For so long it’s been through traditional marketing like newspapers and billboards. However, that isn’t the case anymore as the world has moved over to digital. Because of this, you may be feeling behind the times.

As a digital marketing agency, let us share with you our industry tips on what you need to do to help attract customers with your marketing strategy.

Sit back, open a Word Doc to make some notes and get ready to learn.

Learn About the Top Marketing Strategies in 2018

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Start with planning

Everything starts with research and planning. As a business professional, we don’t need to tell you that. But, what we need to tell you is that research plays a crucial part in terms of marketing for industrial companies.

You don’t want your industrial marketing strategy to seem too robotic, cookie cutter, or too much like your competitors. We don’t want that either. Just like robotics, an inbound marketing strategy deals with design, construction, the use of computer systems, feedback and information processing.

Marketing for Industrial companies

So, start with your buyer personas. Buyer personas are a fictional representative of your client base. We won’t get into the details though, we have several blog posts that have in-depth information on these personas and how to build your own.

Once you know who your customers are you can figure out where they are online to help place your company in front of their eyes.

You need to stay active online to discover your customers’ changing needs. This is one of the most important parts of an industrial marketing strategy.

Invest in a web design company

Did you know that 56% of the buyer’s journey is done online before a person even reaches out to your sales department?

Marketing for Industrial companies

Since marketing has gone digital, people are going to be checking out your website. You need a quality web design to make people see you as an industry leader and to keep them on your website. You don’t want your website to be slow and full of irrelevant information that looks like it’s from the 1960s.

According to Retailing Today, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a big purchase and 94% of B2B buyers do research online before making purchasing decisions.

To move your website to the future, you’ll need a user-friendly design, with remarkable content that will remain relevant in the future.

We can help with that. Roketto has been designing cutting edge websites for eight years. We pride ourselves on clean minimal designs and CMS that is easy for your team to handle updates and changes once launched. There’s no fluff when it comes to working with us.

Once you have a clean, easy-to-use website as part of your industrial marketing strategy, it’s time to talk SEO.

When customers type in their challenge to a search engine, as an industrial company, you want the first link on Google to be yours. This happens by focusing on SEO and selecting the right keywords.

As an inbound marketing agency, this is our strength. We take the time to find the right keywords for your industrial marketing strategy and place them throughout your website without it looking cluttered and/or programmed that way.

We’ll place the keywords on the backend of your website as well as on the front-end side of things. You won’t even notice the keywords are there.

Content is king

Marketing for Industrial companies

For your industrial marketing strategy to see sustainable results, you’ll need remarkable content. Think about the content on your website right now. Does it answer the questions you receive on a daily basis from prospects or leads? Probably not.

Your content must answer your customers’ challenges and explain how your product or service will better their lives. This is how you will reel prospects in.

Once you create meaningful content and share it online, it will help attract the right customers for you, helping you walk them through the buyer’s journey.

55% of website visitors only spend 15 seconds on a website before deciding whether or not to click the exit button. You have only 15 seconds to capture your prospects attention. If they see their questions being answered, they are most likely going to stay on your website.

If you need help creating content, look no further. At Roketto we have a team of writers who will discuss your customers’ challenges and write about solving them.

Email Marketing

While the world of traditional marketing is slowly dying, one thing that isn’t is email marketing!

Did you know that 82% of B2B and B2C companies use email marketing? And according to McKinsey, emails are 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

Marketing for Industrial companies

Email marketing is cost-effective and proven to reach your target market while providing them with value and nurture those leads into customers. Within each inbound marketing for manufacturing strategy plan at Roketto, we offer email marketing.

But, before getting ahead of yourself, you can’t just write any old email to people.

Your emails should be providing your readers with value. Taking the time to understand what they want, and how often they want it, will benefit them and you in the long run. Your emails won’t sound robotic, instead, they will have fresh, need-to-know content within them.

Lucky for you, we’ve written a whole blog post on "8 Easy Strategies for Building Your Email Marketing List in 2018".

Marketing for Industrial companies

Say Yes to Inbound

The final thing you need to do is say “yes” to inbound marketing.

We’ve given you all the details about why inbound marketing for manufacturers is the way of the future. We’ve told you what’s included within an inbound marketing strategy for industrial companies and now we just need to hear that three letter word come out of your mouth.

Once you’ve said “yes”, we can get on our way with creating you the most remarkable industrial marketing strategy you’ve seen.

Still feeling a bit stiff like a robot? Contact us today. We can discuss even more reasons why your company needs an inbound marketing agency to take your industrial marketing strategy from past to present.

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