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8 Easy Email List Building Strategies

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8 Easy Email List Building Strategies


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Email Marketing can be a useful and cost-effective way to reach your target market, provide them with value, and nurture leads into customers.

However, HubSpot claims that email marketing lists naturally deteriorates by about 22.5% every year. So, if you have 10,000 subscribers right now, three years from now your list will naturally be around 6,000 subscribers; which is almost half of what you started with.

Why does this happen? There are lots of reasons including people changing their email addresses as they switch jobs, subscribers not finding your content relevant enough or being sent content they don’t feel they signed up for, poor engagement from the marketer, and several other reasons.

With this in mind, continually building your email marketing list is crucial. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of 8 easy strategies to help you steadily build your email marketing list.

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Provide Outstanding Content

One of the keys to a strong foundation for your email marketing list is providing content that your audience is interested in.

Relevance is key; People don’t want content they find boring or useless cluttering their inboxes.

Your emails should be providing your readers with value. Taking the time to understand what they want, and how often they want it, will benefit them and you in the long run.


Use Email to Build Your List

email list building
Another easy way to build your email marketing list is by having your current subscribers help.

Why would they do this? Well, it ties back to providing excellent content. If they find your content relevant and useful, they may want to share it with their friends, family and colleagues. As an inbound marketing agency, we understand the value of a customer doesn’t end after the sale. Working hard to create loyal brand promoters is where the real opportunity lies as they are worth their weight in gold!

You can leverage your loyal brand promoters by making it as easy as possible for them to share your great content with their personal networks. An easy way to accomplish this includes providing social share buttons within your emails and including highly shareable content like job opportunities, timely industry news and events, helpful infographics, funny industry memes, even referral incentives.

This will encourage your current subscriber base to pass on your awesome content to their social circle, and may result in some of those people ultimately opting in to your emails.


Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Your website can be a powerful tool for building your email marketing list. One way you can utilize your website to aid in constructing a larger email list is by providing CTAs on key areas of your website.

CTAs should be eye-catching and contrast from the rest of your website without being distracting. Strong CTAs usually have action oriented language, such as “download” or “register”, and link to relevant content offers that visitors can’t resist engaging with. Hopefully you’ve done research into who your buyer personas are to ensure you’re providing them with compelling content. And if you’re using an inbound marketing platform, you could even use smart content to show customized CTA’s that could blow your subscribe rate through the roof!

Alternatively, you can make it even easier for your subscribers to convert with subtle (not annoying) pop ups or slide in forms. MailMunch is an awesome service that has really slick opt in forms of every kind that look great and will help you grow your subscriber base fast!


Content Offers

Content offers are some of the most important building blocks to your overall email marketing plan. As previously mentioned, CTAs should link to content offers on your site. These content offers should provide strong value to your target market, and require them to submit their valid email address in exchange. People aren’t going to give up their email address for content they’re not interested in, so make sure you put in the time to research what will be meaningful to your audience.

Content offers, otherwise known as “lead magnets”, could be an ebook, or a tool your audience might find useful, such as the AdWords Forecasting Tool we have on our site.

email list building


Utilize Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with your audience, and ultimately, build up your email subscriber list.

First, you should make sure you’re using the same social media platforms that your audience is spending the most time on. Hopefully you have a clear idea of which platforms they’re on from your customer persona research. Then, create offers on these platforms they will find relevant.

For example, HubSpot suggests adding offers, such as a free ebook, directly on Pinterest that requires users to input their email to download.

You should also make sure to include social sharing buttons on your content offer landing pages to encourage leads to share your offers with their social circle.

email list building


Promote a Contest

Promoting a contest, such as a free giveaway that requires entrants to submit their email addresses to participate, can help you construct a stronger, larger email list while providing value to your audience.

Make sure to choose prizes that are relevant to what your company does and what your target market needs. This will ensure you’re not just building up your email list with anyone, but subscribers who are actually interested in your content.


With a Partner

Running a promotion on a partner website or newsletter that targets a new, but appropriate audience for your business, can help you acquire fresh sources.

You could host a co-marketing offer with a partner - such as a webinar, ebook or podcast - and ask them to promote registering to their audience in exchange for you doing the same. After the promotion is released, exchange leads.


Up Your Reputation

email list building

This isn’t a quick hack. For sustainable growth, you should focus on making a name for yourself or your company in your niche. Give people a reason to be interested in you.

You can strengthen your reputation by guest blogging, syndicating content, or contributing to a podcast, among many other methods.

Also, increasing your followers on social media, subscribers to your blog, or any other way your audience keeps up with you, will increase your reach and ultimately, the scope of your influence.

Becoming an industry influencer gives you or your business a more authoritative voice that people won’t be able to help but pay attention to.

These are all examples of methods you can start using today to counter the natural decay of email lists and build a stronger, larger email marketing list. Many of these practices aren’t hard, but do require commitment and consistency.

And, once you’ve built up your email marketing list, you can start using middle of the funnel practices to nurture your leads into customers, and ultimately, provide a return on your email marketing investment.

If you want to take the next steps to improving your email marketing efforts, contact Roketto today. We specialize in email marketing and would be happy to help you achieve your business goals.


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