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You came to the right place. With over 10 years of experience partnering with hundreds of businesses (literally!), it’s no wonder you’ve found us while searching for web design agencies.

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Our Approach to Web Design

The ultimate success of your website project all begins with our approach. It may sound boring, but having a defined approach is why we have so many happy web design clients.

When you’ve built as many websites as we have, you learn what works well and what doesn’t. Through that trial and error, we’ve created a discovery process that ensures we understand our clients’ needs, and our clients understands what we’re going to deliver, before we ever establish a partnership and get started on their website project.

What You’ll Get Working With Roketto

Account Director

Your account director is your go-to contact at Roketto. They’re the experienced digital professional who steers the ship and is there for you every step of the way, from planning and strategy to the execution and launch of your new website.

Full Stack Team

The Roketto dream team is full of highly skilled web designers, developers, brand specialists, copywriters and marketing strategists. Our diverse skill set and combined experience help ensure the ultimate success of each and every website and marketing project we take on.

Weekly Meetings

Communication is key. That’s why we not only schedule project milestones, but also weekly meetings in order to keep you in the loop on your project so you’re never left in the dark. These meetings allow us to answer any questions you have along the way, ensuring an open dialog is happening at all times.

Timelines That Don’t Waver

Did your last website project take longer than expected? You don’t need to worry about late timelines when you work with Roketto. We have strict policies in place that hold us accountable, so you can rest assured we’ll hit all key milestone dates, including the website launch.

Maintenance & Support

Just like a vehicle, websites too can break down if not properly maintained. That’s why we offer standardized maintenance plans to keep your website’s engine purring like a cat. From system updates and security patches to hourly support plans, you can count on Roketto to keep your website running like new.

Long-Term Growth

We’re not in the business of building “set it and forget it” websites. It’s our mission to ensure your website is attracting a targeted audience, generating leads, and ultimately helping you grow your business. Post launch, we’ll work with you to establish a digital marketing strategy and put your website to work.

Professionally Designed Websites

Optimized for All Devices

Your website will be created with lead generation in mind, featuring key layout and design choices to increase your website’s goal conversion rate. We will brand the entire website to match your company’s visual identity, featuring a responsive design which is optimized for all devices. From the logo to the colours and everything in between, our web design team will build you a website that features a custom design created specifically to promote your brand and help grow your business.

Everything Perfectly Adapts

Stunning On Desktop Screens

Gorgeous on Mobile Devices

Touchscreen & Retina Friendly

Book Your Web Design Consultation

We’re excited to learn about your web design project, your business, and how we can help set you up for success. To book your free, no obligation website discovery meeting with our co-founder, Ulf, simply click the button below and follow the steps in the link.

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Website Maintenance Plans

After we launch your website, there’s going to be some maintenance required. But who wants to deal with all of the upkeep of all those technologies that are running your website? We do! Our maintenance plans will give you peace of mind knowing your website is secure, backed up and all systems are up to date.

Ongoing Updates

When WP Core and plugin updates become available, we’ll make sure your site gets updated, complete with the latest security patches.

Daily Backups

We do database and file backups every day, and store them securely off-site. Need a site restored to a previous version? Just let us know.

Security Monitoring

Regularly scheduled security scans are conducted to make sure your site is secure. Our Standard and Pro plans include clean-up if any problems are found.

Maintenance Dashboard

We’ll add a new section to your website’s WordPress Dashboard allowing logged in users to view all update activities, backups, and security logs.

Website Flex Service Plans

Your business is always changing, and your team is the first to know. But what about your prospects and customers? If you’re not making the time to update the content on your website, your visitors are being left in the dark. With a dedicated support team of web design experts, making updates to your website will be a problem of the past.

Content Updates

Change in your business? Upcoming event? New job position available? Don’t keep it a secret. Send us your new content and we’ll update your website.

Design Updates

Need to change the layout in order to add a new section to your website? No problem. We’ll make minor layout or design changes as needed.

System Updates

Want to install a new plugin? Need help configuring its settings? We can support any technical/system updates you need help with.

Priority Support

Updates that require less than 30 minutes will be completed within 2 business days. If not, we’ll stick to our pre-set support schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roketto was founded in October of 2009. Since that time we’ve outgrown multiple offices and expanded our team substantially. We’ve added key players to our team to help businesses like yours reach their business growth goals.

Probably! We’ve worked with companies in all kinds of industries. With all new projects, we know our client’s speciality is their business. That’s why we take the time to listen and learn, knowing that our main focus is creating them a quality website and digital marketing strategy that will help your business grow. We know how to build websites that look great, are easy to navigate, are optimized for search engines and people alike, and that focus on specialized goals, such as lead generation, or e-commerce sales.

At Roketto, we have dedicated account directors for each client. They set up our management tools (like Basecamp, Forecast, and more) for each new project, which helps us to meet and exceed deadlines, communicate with our clients and deliver on scheduled milestones. Being a website design agency, although we meet with our local clients face-to-face whenever needed, we also love to collaborate with online tools to make things as easy as possible. We follow a proven process, and take timelines very seriously, ensuring your projects are managed efficiently and delivered on time.

WordPress is our bread and butter and we’ve been using it almost exclusively for many years. It’s the most popular CMS in the world and we love it. Our developers, account directors and marketing strategists always stay up to date on what’s new in the ever-changing world of WordPress.

As a client, you should be available for timely and constructive communication. We’ll be requesting feedback throughout the project and will need your input in order to do the best job we can. We will also need you to supply company assets when prompted. But most importantly, we want you to know that we’re looking to build a long-term partnership with you, not just complete your project and move on to the next.

Our copywriters are process driven and before we ever start writing copy for your website we’ll go through the necessary steps to understand your business, services, products, and customers. Once we have everything we need we’ll put our wordsmiths to work. And don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to review and suggest edits to any copy we create before it goes live on your website.

After launch, our web designers will complete a thorough quality assurance review and post-launch checklist to make sure we’ve dotted all our i’s and crossed all our t’s. We’ll also review the importance of website maintenance, and if needed, website flex service plans as well.

For those of our clients who are striving for growth, it’s absolutely key that we create a marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website, generate leads and grow your business. We told you we’re in this for the long-term!

Funny you should ask, being that it’s our mission to help grow our client’s businesses. Our many years of positive feedback as a website design agency prove we know what we’re doing when it comes to helping companies grow.

“Almost ready to get the ball rolling? Why don’t we have a quick chat first. I’d be happy to hear from you, learn about your business, your goals for the new website, and also to answer all your questions about Roketto and our processes. I look forward to our meeting!”

Ulf Lonegren

Partner & Managing Director

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