Our Approach to Kelowna Marketing

We don’t sell services, we drive growth.

Roketto follows the inbound marketing methodology that focuses on attracting, converting, closing and delighting customers. We’re not here to hard-sell our services, or to work with clients the way many “order taking” agencies do. We start by listening to your needs, and once we have a deep understanding of your business, only then will we create a marketing plan to help achieve your goals.

What You’ll Get Working With Roketto

Kelowna Marketing Agency

Account Manager

Account Manager

Your account manager is an experienced inbound professional who steers the ship and is there for you every step of the way. They’re your go-to contact at Roketto.

Marketing Strategist

Marketing Strategist

Our certified inbound marketing experts develop strategic plans and work with you on key initiatives to help achieve your business goals.

Implementation Team

Implementation Team

Our team of highly skilled web developers and designers take care of your digital needs. This includes creating interactive online experiences, graphic and form creation, technical implementation and more.

12-Month Marketing Plan

12-Month Marketing Plan

A comprehensive plan that’s broken up by month to showcase your target customers, business goals and inbound strategies that are in place.

Editorial Content Calendar

Editorial Content Calendar

The editorial calendar is used to organize and manage content on all platforms, buyer personas, stages of the buyer’s journey and SMART goals, all in one place.

Weekly Status Calls

Weekly Status Calls

Calls with your account manager to review campaign progress and ensure you are always up to date. Our inbound marketing agency is dedicated to clear communication.

HubSpot Partner Agency Training & Support

HubSpot Partner Agency Training & Support

Being a HubSpot Partner Agency allows Roketto access to exclusive training courses, resource tools and support to ensure each project is a win.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This of course depends on your current situation and needs, but all packages come with an onboarding phase, which we always aim to complete within 1 month. This is where our technical and marketing teams power up to make sure we have a deep understanding of your business and your customers, and ensure that all of the tools and building blocks are in place and ready to go. This includes technical SEO optimization, keyword research, analytics configuration, marketing personas, reporting setup and customization, and anything else that might need doing.

By the end of onboarding, our team will be a tight knit extension of your company, and the technical setup will be ready to rock.

This really depends on your current situation, but a minimum onboarding cost starts at $2,500.

Every business and project is different, but we’ll provide honest expectations right from our first meeting.

The short answer is to start by scheduling your no obligation discovery call.

Roketto works with companies who are serious about growth, and understand that long term success doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll need to be patient, and willing to invest a minimum of $2,500/mo into a marketing retainer so we can do the work required to achieve real results.

A main component of our onboarding process is for our strategists to immerse themselves into your business. However, for some industry specialized topics, we may require more assistance from you.

Nope! We’re very clear from day one that it takes time to see results with SEO and Inbound Marketing, which is why we work with our clients on a 12-month basis. However, we understand things change, and won’t hold you hostage to a lengthy contract. If you need to leave, we’ll respect that, though we do ask for a proper heads-up.

"This project required strategic, out-of-box thinking, quick turnarounds, and the ability to pivot at a moments notice. The Roketto team not only made this happen, they knocked it all out of the park."

Joanna Schlosser Joanna Schlosser Director of Marketing / TGS Luxury Auction House

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